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OPP / СPP film

Polypropylene films OPP - one of the most common polymeric materials for packaging food and non-food products used for storage and freezing, for packaging a variety of products.

ОPP film

Material: OPP/CPP

Width: from 4sm to 80sm

Length: from 24sm to 80sm

Thickness: 18 μR to 40 μR

Printing: No more than 6 colors

Transparent bags make it easier for people to see the product inside. Bags can be reused using a special adhesive layer.

OPP - Biaxially Oriented Film.

It has excellent transparency, brilliance and excellent appearance, high elasticity and tensile strength (which allows the use of films more thin compared to many other films), excellent dielectric characteristics and barrier properties on vapor and gas permeability and to odors. Special co-extrusion copolymer layer provides excellent welding ability. Types: transparent, white, mother of pearl, metallized.

CPP is a non-oriented film.

It has high mechanical strength, high transparency, gloss, excellent appearance, increased resistance to acids and fats, ability to thermal welding, to metallization and printing of any kind of printing. Due to the high thermal strength of polypropylene, packaged products can be sterilized in a film thickness from 30 to 40 microns, which avoids the use of preservatives. Microperforation can be applied to the film, which makes it possible to package products hot. It is used for laminating films, manufacturing flexible packaging materials.

OPP / СPP film

OPP / CPP bags with 100% food grade certification material industries are widely used in many industries for packaging food products, accessories, etc. In the non-food industry, they found their application for the packing of bulk materials, packaging of clothes, knitwear, home textiles, cosmetics, jewelry, souvenirs, etc.