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Shrink Polyolefin (POF)

Polyolefin POF film in contrast to PVC films without chlorine, released from PVC film during shrinkage. POF is widely used for packaging in various fields, including food, medicine, textile and light industry. Lack of free shrinkage, wide temperature range of storage when using polyolefin POF film. Temperature conditions during storage and The use of a polyolefin film is much wider than PVC films.

Shrink Polyolefin (POF)

Type of roll: half sleeve / sleeve / single layer

Size: on request from 10cm to 90 cm

Micron: on request: from 18 microns to 50 microns

Other parameters: on request

Appearance: with print / without print

Shrink temperature: from 150 ° С


The most modern and popular material for heat shrinkage. POF is made from a multilayer film, a mixture of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Using several types of polymers makes POF film resistant to high and low temperatures (+ 300 ° С −300 ° С), and the mechanical strength is the highest. At the same time, like PVС, POF film looks presentable and attracts attention.

As a rule, to pack the same product instead of PVC films, polyolefin POF films with a lower thickness, since polyolefin POFs films have excellent strength characteristics. Polyolefin film during heating tightly adheres to products over the entire surface, which helps maintain sustainability of goods. Marketers say that manufacturers have beautiful packaged products sales increase significantly, the film helps to give Attractive appearance of the product and attract potential buyers. High mechanical the strength of the film allows you not to worry about the products during storage and transportation to the place of sale. Ease of use and low cost allow buy film, both large enterprises and small companies producing industrial groups of goods. In food packaging, the main competitors POF films are shrink PVC film, as well as BOPP (polypropylene) film, and have a number of characteristic features, advantages over their competitors. The main advantage of POF films over PVC films used in food industry, is their higher environmental friendliness. PVС contains in its the structure of chlorine atoms and under certain conditions is capable of releasing carcinogenic chlorine-containing substances, so its contact with food is highly undesirable. POF films, unlike PVC, do not contain chlorine in their structure. Food products, Packed in POF film, can be stored at low temperatures, which is undesirable when packaging in PVC.