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PVC Shrink Film

Shrink film is one of the most versatile materials for transported products. She has excellent characteristics and operational capabilities. Shrink the film has the ability to change its shape under the influence of temperature: solidifying, “shrink” takes on the shape of a product, thereby creating a strong and impenetrable barrier.

ОPP film

Type of roll: half sleeve / sleeve / single layer

Size: by order from 10cm to 90 cm

Micron: on request: from 18 microns to 50 microns

Other parameters: by order

Appearance: with print / without print

Shrink temperature: from 100 ° С

PVC shrink film has superior strength, absolutely no it deforms the product and is suitable for packaging even newspapers and magazines, and also serves to protect various objects from environmental influences. Such packaging is essentially transport. At the same time, it gives group packaging good mobility properties. It allows you to protect products from a wide variety of external factors. negative:

  • mechanical damage;
  • dust and dirt;
  • moisture and steam;
  • chemical influences;
  • unauthorized access.

Ease of use: shrink PVC film is easy to machined even on older machines. Low shrink stress avoids deformation of soft products. Good optical properties. PVC shrink film is approved for contact with food.