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Polypropylene bags

PP bags have several advantages. Their strength moisture resistance and frost resistance have made this container popular in various sectors of the economy. Polypropylene bag with successfully used for storage and transportation of various bulk products, goods and materials. In polypropylene bags very it is convenient to transport small automotive parts, granular materials, feed and much more. To prevent spillage, it is necessary to sew up the neck using a special bag stitching machines special thread designed for these purposes.

1. PP bags:

Size: on request

Micron: on request

Other parameters: by order

2. PP bags:

Size: 560 × 960mm

Bag capacity: 50 kg

Bag Type: Non-Slip

Color: Milky white, opaque

Bottom: One upset, double stitching

Fabric: Sleeve Type

A polypropylene bag is used for packaging bulk solids. products, including flour, cereals, salt and sugar. In addition, they apply to packaging of bulk building materials. Polypropylene bags are also designed for storage and transportation of the above products and building materials. They can be packed agricultural products, granular polymers, diverse industrial products, fabrics, workwear and chemicals. Concerning last, then for them special bags designed for dangerous goods are produced. Buying a polypropylene bag, you ensure the safety of your cargo. He is durable waterproof and also resistant to low temperatures. Thus, the external environment will not pose a threat to food, building materials, or industrial products that you are going to pack in polypropylene bags. At the request of the client, when buying polypropylene bags, we will put on them a picture or print up to three colors with using flexography. So, on bags the company logo may appear, or useful information for consumers, so the packaging itself will attract their attention. This will help you increase the number of sales of your products.