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Building insulation

Modern heaters developed with the latest technologies used in construction to isolate the internal space at home. The material saves from winter cold, keeping the room warm, and from the summer heat, delaying cool. Each type of new material has its own application technology. You need to familiarize yourself with it when buying. Depending on the composition, there are three groups of insulation surfaces.

Building insulation

Size: on request: from 0.7 mm to 5 mm

Other parameters: on request


Insulation materials for walling structures (walls, floors, roofs, etc.) are used for maintaining the optimal parameters in the premises of the house microclimate. It also helps in saving money. for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Degree measurement steam permeability will indicate the amount of penetration - through 1m of insulation per hour. Correct calculation assumes the same temperature indicator on the inner and outer sides of the walls (despite that they are different). In rainy areas, a high moisture absorption coefficient of the insulation is required. Give away In this case, preference is needed for new materials with water-repellent elements in the composition, for example, mineral wool. The following parameter depends on the degree of moisture absorption. The higher the material’s degree of protection against moisture, the stronger its resistance to biological processes.Resistance to fire - An important safety parameter of insulation, developed according to modern technology. You need to choose a material with a high degree of fire protection.

roll without foil

product code thickness footage
П-1,5 1,5 100 meter
П-2 2 50 meter
П-2,5 2,5 50 meter
П-3 3 50 meter
П-3,5 3,5 50 meter
П-5 5 50 meter

roll with foil

product code thickness meter
Ф-1,5 1,5 100 meter
Ф-2 2 50 meter
Ф-2,5 2,5 50 meter
Ф-3 3 50 meter
Ф-3,5 3,5 50 meter
Ф-5 5 50 meter